Jeanne Arthes

Starting from 1978, this brand belongs to Arthes Group Perfume Company from France. The head office of the company is located in the real perfume heart of France, the city of Grasse. The products of this brand managed to win the hearts of the French people, who were spoiled with the wide choice of exquisite perfumery products during its fledglingyears. 

Aromas by Jeanne Arthes became really famous in 1995when international retailers started to offer them in their stores and shops. Jeanne Arthes perfume compositions distinguish themselves with an incredible fineness and toughness. Each luxury note is appreciated as an unexpected luxurious present.

Rich experience of the perfumers working for the brand allows creating tough aromas with bright afterglow. Another secret of Jeanne Arthes perfumes is the usage of the materials and components of the highest quality for the composition. The overall impression of the incredible scent is completed by the well-elaboratedpackaging design. 

The brand offers more than a dozen new scents and aromas to the audience every single year. Many of them manage to become real legends in the world of perfumes.