BIO World

The philosophy of the brand is based on the considerate usage of powerful and nutritive substance, as well as on the highest level of environmental friendliness of the manufacturing process.

Bio World specializes in the field of the cosmetics made from the naturally occurring components and ingredients. The products of this manufacturer are incredibly successful due to the understanding of the fact that people are striving to enjoy everything natural and essential. Bio World products can offer the following active substances: volatile oils, beeswax, plant extracts and infusions, and charcoal.

The customers are offered to open the official catalog in order to find efficient biocosmetics for face and body care, i.e. creams, tonics, scrubs, andmasks. The company has also developed several natural product lines for hair care. 

Wax strips for hair removal and depilation considered among the most successful products by Bio World. The main advantages of the strips are the safe natural compositions and the wide range of use. Customers are able to find strips for both their face and body.

Bio World devotes attention not only to the customers who want to receive gentle care. People with sensitive skin, which tends to be irritated and allergic, form an important part of the brand followers.