Beauty Made Easy

Beauty Made Easy is a Danish brand, founded in 2014 by Terje Munck and her teenage daughter Katrine.

Today, the company is partly German owned and exports to more than 20 countries all over the world.

Tender care, soft impact on the skin with simple natural components, love of the natural beauty and protection of the environment are key elements of the philosophy of Beauty Made Easy. The product range includes 2 types of oil blotting sheets anf the wide assortment of lip balms.

The first product under Beauty Made Easy brand appeared in 2014 and received lovely positive feedback from the customers all over the world due to its highest quality and attractive design. 

It’s simply impossible not to fall in love with the bright packaging and the natural composition of these products for lips. Besides, the range has different tastes and colours of boxes.

Oil blotting sheets have already become a must-have product for any woman. They quickly remove excessive gloss from the skin, keep the best appearance of the makeup during the day.

Beauty Made Easy brand highlights the natural beauty, presenting ladies all over the world unforgettable emotions.