URODA Polska is one of the leaders in the field of cosmetics in Poland. Bi-eS is their new brand for perfumery compositions for both men and women. 

The development of Bi-eS started with aromas for a woman, but the company managed to becomeeven more popular and recognizable after presenting the first perfume for men. The products of this brand became really demanded and well-knownall over Europe and CIS. Bi-eS brand attracts their customers with the bright notes, natural composition, andaffordable prices. 

The range of Bi-eS for women attracts its customers with the incredible mysteriousness, affinity, andtenderness. Male perfumes of this brand are always fresh, energetic, and bring the feeling of confidence and presentability. The product range includes as basic products for the daily usage, as well as luxurious aromas for special occasions.

Perfume and toilet water are produced in Poland, while all the key ingredients are supplied right from France. The brand managed to supply several hundreds of perfumery compositions. The owners of the brand strive to create new variations of the most popular products appreciated by the audience.